Would your quartet like to receive coaching from QCED members? And would you like someone else to pay the expenses? If your answer is YES, then take advantage of the QCED Endowment Fund (QEF).

The purpose of the QCED Endowment Fund is to support the mission of QCED by promoting quarteting in the Evergreen District through quartet educational and development activities. We been providing this assistance since 2003!

QEF encourages choruses and quartets in the Evergreen District to organize quartet workshops and submit applications to QEF for sponsorship. As sponsor, the Fund, with the assistance of QCED, will provide the coaching talent and pay all of the coaches' expenses. In addition, QCED members have waived any coaching fees for this program.

Preference is given to workshops for quartets in locations with limited access to coaches, and to quartets not among the top quartets in the District.

To Apply

An application is available here: DOC format / PDF format. If you have other questions, contact one of the trustees, listed below.  Please note December 1 is the deadline for submitting applications for activities in the first six months of the following calendar year, while May 1 is the deadline for submitting applications for activities in the last six months of the current calendar year. QEF Trustees will award sponsorships in January and June.

Coaching Evaluations

If you've taken advantage of a QEF grant, we'd love to hear your thoughts on how everything went. Please download our evaluation form (DOC format / PDF format) and return to one of the trustees listed below. Note that an evaluation form is also included with every application.

Chorus Coaching

Looking for coaching for your chorus? Try the Bud Leabo Memorial Fund.

The Bud Leabo Memorial Fund was established as a working memorial to the precepts and philosophy of Bud Leabo, who firmly believed in the music education and the impact it has on all aspects of our barbershop hobby. Originally, the purpose of the fund was to provide scholarships to members to attend District or Society-sponsored educational events. Recently, the Fund's scope has broadened to include a wider variety of items, including coaching at the chapter level.

Click here for more information on the Bud Leabo Memorial Fund. 

Endowment Trustees: