The Bob Swanson Award (more commonly known as the "BS Award"!) was first given in 2002 in memory of longtime barbershopper, Bob Swanson (shown far left in the photograph to the right, with his quartet, Reunion).

When Bob passed away in 2001, he had the distinction of holding the most District Championships of any Evergreen barbershopper: Brightside (1974), Four Cheers  (1977), Pacific Pride (1983), Heyday (1991), Extra! Extra! (1995), and Reunion (1999).  

Bob gave totally of himself to QCED and almost single-handedly made the organization what it is today: one of good fellowship and dedicated to furthering efforts to improve barbershop quartet singing in the Evergreen District.

The plaque is awarded during the QCED Winter weekend to honor those who follow Bob's footsteps and give of themselves to QCED and to fellow barbershoppers.

Recipients of the Bob Swanson Award are:

●  2015: Steve Morin
●  2014: Doug Broersma and Joseph Livesey
●  2013: Donny Rose
●  2012: Mike Menefee
●  2011: Bud Roberts 
●  2010: Chuck Landback
●  2009: Don Rose
●  2008: Doug Broersma & Dan Tangerone
●  2007: Friendly Advice Quartet
●  2006: Adrian Leontovich
●  2005: Doug Broersma
●  2004: Dan Tangarone
●  2003: Ira Allen
●  2002: Forrest LaMotte